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My intent here is to provide simple samples that are easier to understand than the complete-working-program samples that are typical of the MSDN, but I have put a variety of other stuff here too. Most of the material here uses C++ and Windows but there is some Windows application stuff too. I do prefer to keep things simple and that can be especially helpful for samples. Please do not call this site Simple Sam's Samples, however.

This web site is the result of my assistance in the CodeGuru Visual C++ Programming forum, the newsgroup, and other such places. In the beginning, I began saving answers for later use, because questions are often asked more than once. When I had a few, I put them in my personal web site. Those web pages grew and developed into this site.

I have submitted two articles to the CodeGuru web site. They are a sample Simple BMP Viewer and Processing Keyboard Messages; both use MFC.

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